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1+1=3? Discussing combination therapies, access, innovation and patient benefit


21 Nov 2023 08:30



Event Description

1+1=3? Discussing combination therapies, access, innovation and patient benefit
About the webinar
Access to medicines across Europe has always been high on the policy agendas, recently also in the context of various legislative revisions. While Member States' health systems have established processes for traditional medicines, the ever-advancing landscape of science has given rise to new treatments like combinations, stratified treatments with biomarkers, and gene and cell therapies. Unfortunately, the pathways to the patient don’t always match, and health systems’ budgeting cycles are not set up to absorb innovation.
Patient access is everyone’s responsibility. This Early Bird Debate, organized as a teaser event ahead of the European Cancer Forum on December 5th at the Solvay Library in Brussels, promises an exchange about how health systems should adapt and become better prepared for new innovations, such as combinations therapies.
Join us for the upcoming Early Bird Debate and engage with two experts as they debate why 1+1 does not equal 3!
Duane Schulthess
Managing Director
Vital Transformation


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