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Baltic Power Conference 2016 Regional integration: a hub of opportunities


01 Jun 2016



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L - Conference, forum


Europe's East
Regional Policy

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On June 1st, 2016, ENTSO-E and the Baltic TSOs are organizing the Baltic Power Conference 2016. What are the possibilities to enable the Baltics to be a bridge between the East and the West? What are options for the further electrical integration of the Baltic countries into the ENTSO-E area?

Successful infrastructure projects of the region, most recently LitPol Link, and NordBalt, have turned Baltic and Nordic countries into a hub of power interconnectors and an integral part of the European electricity market altogether. At the same time the Baltics remain electrically a part of IPS UPS, the Russian system.

The first of three regional conferences this year, the Baltic Conference will bring together high-level representatives from the policy, industry, academia, and NGO sectors to discuss future strategies for the Baltic Sea region. It is jointly organised with the TSOs of Lithuania (Litgrid), Estonia (Elering) and Latvia (Augstsprieguma tÏkls).


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