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Can the European energy market work?


19 Jun 2013 06:15



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Jerzy Buzek invites you to a PRESS BREAKFAST


Wednesday 19 June 2013 @ 8H15


Jerzy Buzek MEP, former President of the European Parliament and author of the EP Report on making the Internal Energy Market work


Members’ Salons, European Parliament, Brussels, ASP ground floor.

The price of whatever we buy depends on the price of energy. Today, our energy markets are not only overpriced, which has a negative impact on the competitive potential of the EU economy, they are poorly interconnected and not sufficiently transparent, so consumers have too little understanding of the options they have.

To make Europe more competitive, we need secure, stable and affordable energy. Consumers must be able to pay less for energy and must know where their energy bills come from.

So what can we do to bring prices down? How can we guarantee security of energy supply?

During a press breakfast to which you are warmly invited, Jerzy Buzek will answer these questions and explain details of his Report that will be voted the next day, on 20 June, in the Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee of the European Parliament.

You can find the link to the Report on Internal Energy Market and more here.

This is strictly a press invitation.

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