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11 May 2017 to 12 May 2017


Climate & Environment

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#DecarbHeat 2017

Acting together to decarbonise Europe!


The DecarbHeat initiative aims at bringing together the major players of the heating and cooling industry and other major stakeholders. Together they can make the vision of a 100% decarbonised European heating and cooling system reality. The initiative consists of a the DecarbHeat Industry Pledge and the DecarbHeat Declaration of Support. Both will be formally open for signature at the #DecarbHeat 2017  Forum in Brussels on 11-12 May 2017.

With the Paris agreement the global society has embarked on a journey towards a fully decarbonised energy system. Europe has signed up to this agreement. With heating and cooling being responsible for 51% of Europe’s total final energy, residential heating covering 50% of this and industrial heating another 25%, decarbonising heating and cooling as well as energy demand in industry is essential for the energy system to move to zero carbon.

A decarbonisation of Europe’s energy system without a decarbonisation of the heating sector is will not be possible.

Notwithstanding the need to achieve better energy efficiency scores of the “building envelopes” across the EU, research shows that the implementation of effective decarbonisation scenarios for 2050 requires a massive deployment of “2050 compatible” thermal appliances, offering the cleanest solutions for heating, cooling and hot water production.

#DecarbHeat2017 will lay down the groundwork for the necessary change. The conference aims to bring together relevant stakeholders: policy makers from the EU Commission and the Parliament as well as from the Member States. High level representatives from the heat pump industry as well as decision makers from cities and not least, other users of heat: representatives from industry.

With this mix of parties, we want to ensure the collection of ideas from a broad audience and a discussion of the necessary next steps along four areas of consideration?

  1. How do policy makers envision the 2050 energy system and what is policy doing in Europe and abroad to address the issue of decarbonising the heating sector?
  2. What are the main challenges for cities, in particular when it comes to the renovation of buildings and whole quarters and how should decarbonized energy be distributed here?
  3. How will digitalisation challenge the heating and cooling industry – from product design to business models?
  4. What are the challenges for industry and how can energy demand in industry be meaningfully  reduced.

DecarbHeat2017 will take place in Brussels on 11 and 12 May 2017. The venue is the prestigious BEL building, a show-case of an eco-friendly building equipped with PV, heat pumps and ventilation. EHPA members are invited to participate in the General Assembly taking place on 10 May at the BEL. More information will follow soon.

About the organisers:

EHPA promotes awareness and deployment of heat pump technology in Europe. All activities aim at creating a market environment that facilitates a faster deployment of heat pump technology to unleash its benefits on a European level: efficient heating and cooling using renewable energy. EHPA also coordinates the Heat Pump Keymark – a European certification scheme for all heat pumps, combination heat pumps and hot water heater.

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