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24 Sep 2012 22:00



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United Kingdom

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The European Commission is demanding that more government services be made available online throughout Europe and is calling for
increased interoperability between systems and increased levels of digital inclusion for all citizens.
The goal is one that allows citizens to benefit from services they really want to use, services targeted to their needs in an accessible and
inclusive way.
Local and regional governments across Europe face difficulties in meeting rising Commission demands for effective and accessible
eGovernment, although it is clear from strategies such as Europe 2020 and the Digital Agenda for Europe that they need to meet such
demands within a relatively short timeframe.
Local authorities are key agents in promoting social and digital inclusion. There is a need at the local level across Europe for innovative,
inclusive, flexible and affordable solutions to inclusion.
DIEGO can offer answers to these challenges, providing an inclusive eGovernment platform which is user-friendly and available via multiple
new technology channels.
Over the past 2 and a half years, DIEGO has produced successful transnational collaboration between eleven partners from six European
countries, developing a series of pilot projects operating at local and regional levels with the involvement of the citizens and IT developers.
The DIEGO consortium invites you to celebrate the Final Conference of its successful project, titled e-INCLUSION & DIGITAL PUBLIC
SERVICES. The Conference will discuss the successes achieved and challenges met during the project and the sustainability we foresee
once the funded element of the DIEGO project is completed in September 2012.


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