EAB: Check against delivery – raising awareness for freedom of speech and its limits


01 Sep 2017 to 06 Sep 2017


Europäische Akademie Berlin
Bismarckallee 46/48
14193  Berlin

Event Type

M - Seminar, presentation


Europe's East

Event Description

European seminar and exchange for young Germans, Czechs and Poles



01.09.2017 – 06.09.2017

Europäische Akademie Berlin

“Check against delivery – raising awareness for freedom of speech and its limits” is a summer academy and exchange program that brings together 16 young Europeans from the three neighbouring countries Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The program is organised by the European Academy Berlin in cooperation with the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation, Warsaw and the Kuro Hradec Králové, Culture and Volunteering. The project aim is to strengthen a cross-border exchange about European challenges by raising understanding for each others opinions, fostering a culture of debate and constructive criticism, and developing digital media skills. It will take place from 01 to 06 September 2017 at the European Academy in Berlin.

In the 21st century, the European Union is facing several challenges with the digital revolution being one of them. The way we communicate Europe has undergone a profound change with the internet as one of the main sources of information. This development is a chance and danger at the same time and needs to be critically discussed.

The program gives the participants the possibility to debate on the freedom of speech and its limits in the European Union. The idea is to strengthen their media literacy and to enable them to critically approach and responsibly use the media As we especially would like you to raise your voice, the topics touched will be mostly dealt with in interactive formats, such as workshops, group discussions, debates or experimental phases. During the six days you will discuss the following issues:

• Drifting apart in Europe? National perspectives on European challenges and topics
• Freedom of speech and its limits in the European Union
• Pluralism, Diversity, Integration in Europe. How do the media form opinions?
• Hate speech, fake news and post truth – when words become weapons. National and European
• I hear you! How to debate, reason and argue in the European public sphere

Please find the call for participants, the registration form and the preliminary programme here:

➤ Call for participants “Check against delivery”

➤ Preliminary programme “Check against delivery”

➤ Registration form “Check against delivery”