EAB: The future of European integration after Brexit


12 Jul 2017 18:00


Centre for British Studies
Mohrenstraße 60
10117  Berlin

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L - Conference, forum


UK in Europe

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A public discussion with experts and citizens


On March 29, the British Government has officially declared its intention to withdraw from the EU. This momentous decision seems to fit a pessimistic narrative of a Europe that lacks solidarity and effective policies to cope with multiple crises. The rise of anti-European parties, seemingly autocratic governments, economic and social struggles, high numbers of incoming refugees, and various security threats have challenged the support of the people and politicians towards the European project. And yet, an increasing number of observers discusses Brexit as chance for deeper European integration. In light of these developments, the panel evaluates the implication of Brexit for the future of the EU and its remaining member states. Is Brexit the beginning of the end or may it trigger new ambitions to deepen integration?

We are much obliged to welcome Dr. Jana Puglierin (German Council on Foreign Relations) and Dr. Marius Guderjan (Centre for British Studies), who will present and debate their respective arguments with the audience. The discussion is hosted by Dr. Samuel F. Müller (European Academy Berlin).

The event is organised by the European Academy of Berlin in cooperation with the Centre for British Studies of Humboldt-University of Berlin, and cordially supported by the Federal Foreign Office.

The discussion will be held in English, questions can be asked in German.



Dr. Samuel F. Müller


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Simona Bellini