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Energy in Ile-de-France : a European challenge !


26 Nov 2012 23:00


10 rue Montoyer 1000

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Two round-tables chaired by Île-de-France Region’s vice-presidents Michèle SABBAN – also President of the Assembly or European Regions and of the R20 – and Hélène GASSIN, in charge of Environment, Energy and Agriculture will focus on the European Energy strategy (and its territorial contributions) and on the challenges of the energy renovation of buildings.

At the eve of the new EU programming period 2014-2020, the occasion will be given to the panellists (MEPs, European Commission representatives - DG Energy and DG for Regional & Urban Policy -, project leaders from Île-de-France and European networks members) to share their views on these issues at the heart of the Europe 2020 strategy which success will depend on its concrete implementation at the regional level.

This conference is organised in the context of the “Île-de-France Europe Days 2012” in Brussels from 27th to 29h November that will be opened by Pierre KANUTY, Île-de-France Europe President and Roberto ROMERO, vice-president of Île-de-France Region in charge of European and International Affairs.

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