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ENTSO-E Vision for the Future of the Energy System: One Year On (Online Conference)


04 Oct 2023 09:00 to 12:00



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Agenda and registrations for the ENTSO-E Conference 2023 are now available.

The conference will take place on a dedicated online platform in the morning of 4 October 2023. It will be the opportunity to hear from EU stakeholders, CEOs of European associations in the field of energy and leading members of ENTSO-E who are looking forward to exchanging on the future of the European power system in light of the ongoing and latest EU energy developments.

Session 1 will host a discussion of the electricity market design reform and on the role of flexibility in enabling a low-carbon energy system. Session 2 will focus on system security and on the role of Regional Coordination Centres (RCCs).

The ENTSO-E Conference 2023 will also be the opportunity to take stock of the most recent initiative “ENTSO-E Vision: A Power System for a Carbon-Neutral Europe”.

Register now on the ENTSO-E Conference 2023 online platform and join the discussions! Please contact should you require additional information about this event.


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