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EU Affairs Freelancing: Prospects & Opportunities for Independent Professionals and End User Clients


26 Jun 2013 22:00


Europen Parliament


Innovation & Enterprise

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The EU Affairs Freelancers Association (EAFA) kindly invites you to a debate and reception in the European Parliament back to back its annual meeting. The event (two panels discussion) aims to debate with members of the European Parliament, industry associations, companies and other stakeholders the current EU regulations affecting freelancers and micro-businesses. Discussions will revolve around the needs to step up a prospering independent professional community and end user clients in the EU and ensure the transfer of services is carried out with mutual benefit and in accordance to the legislation.

Currently, one in seven EU workers chooses to work for themselves and this is set to increase in the next years. Freelancers are the economic backbone of an expanding flexible workforce satisfying both EU regulators and private industry labour requirements. However, independent professionals are often overlooked by EU law makers, with regulations often drafted for the purpose of employees or employers.

By debating around the value of freelancing to the economy and exchanging views with law makers and other stakeholders, the event aims to prepare the foundation of a European business environment more beneficial to the independent way of working. EAFA is a non-profit partnership of independent EU affairs professionals and end user clients that works through targeted research and advocacy at EU level.

Its aim is to promote the value of self employment to the European policy makers and ensure that independent working is better recognised in all areas of EU legislation. EAFA has been launched in January 2013 by Euro Freelancers. Places limitation. No access without registration. For details on the room in the European Parliament and for registration, please send a message with your details to Ms Karen Wessinger at:




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