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EU and Norway - Energy partners


01 Oct 2013 07:30


Square-Brussels Meeting Centre Mont des Arts

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L - Conference, forum

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Federations / Associations



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Europe’s main challenge is to get the economy back on track, creating jobs and growth. This coincides with significant changes in the European energy sector. How can the EU-Norway energy partnership contribute to reach the energy and climate goals whilst remaining competitive? EU and Norway have enjoyed a stable and reliable energy partnership for the last four decades. Together we must find solutions to the energy challenges ahead.

The conference will discuss the crucial role of natural gas and renewable energy in the European energy mix. It will examine how the European internal energy market can contribute to flexible balancing power and electricity storage. As a provider of hydropower and natural gas, Norway can contribute to European industrial competitiveness, to mitigation of climate change and for a secure and stable low carbon energy system.

As a provider of base load and balancing power, Norway can contribute to the stable development of the European energy system.

EU and Norway are energy partners


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