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02 Oct 2012 22:00


Renaissance Hotel

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L - Conference, forum



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The debate around shale gas development in Europe remains in its infancy, however it is seen by many as a “game-changer” in terms of energy security, tackling climate change and in facilitating the development of renewables (as a best placed partner). However figures quoting actual shale gas reserves continue to be subject to claim and counter claim, while politically, no common approach is in place, or perhaps likely. 

According to a report published by the European Commission earlier this year, at current levels of operation, shale gas development in Europe does not require additional EU legislation (above that already covered via REACH, the Water Framework Directive, the Groundwater Directive and the Mining Waste Directive for instance). However the possibility of future legislation is not ruled out should shale gas operations reach commercial scale.
The European Gas Policy Forum 2012 organised by Forum Europe and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) will examine what potential future legislation might look like in relation to shale gas and will debate whether the lack of a common approach will damage shale development in Europe. It will also explore which countries offer the best opportunities for shale gas in Europe, while international perspectives will provide insights into the role shale may play as part of the global energy scene.
Key questions to be addressed:
  • Should shale gas be regulated at EU-level or is the current approach appropriate?
  • What might future regulation, at both member state and EU-level look like?
  • Will shale gas revolutionise the energy security situation in Europe and which countries offer the most potential?
  • What role will Europe play in the global development of shale and how will such development affect European energy prices and other energy resources?
  • Will shale open up further opportunities for gas to be “twinned” with renewables in the drive for a low carbon future?
  • Could Europe lead the way in delivering environmentally conscious shale gas development?
Further details and a full conference programme will appear here shortly, but for more information in the meantime, or to find out about how you can become involved in the event, please contact Charlene Selmer on or call +44 (0) 2920 783 024.



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