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Governmental Organisations and the Use of Social Media


14 Nov 2016 to 15 Nov 2016





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Event Description

Target group
The seminar is intended for public officials and others who wish to increase their practical understanding of and skills in the use of social media for internal and external communication.

Businesses and people of all ages use them every day: applications such as LinkedIn and Facebook are blending technologies and social interaction, thereby providing an inexpensive and accessible tool for communication. Social media is no longer a novelty but is already an integral part of the modern media mix. In public administration, social media tools are emerging as an innovative means of fostering two-way communication between citizens and administrations. Recent public sector initiatives have demonstrated the added value of social media for mobilising citizens, developing collaborative content, or raising their community’s profile.

However, new technology requires new skills; this is also true for social media use. The use of network platforms raises various regulatory issues regarding privacy and data protection. It also requires the development of new skills such as effective corporate image control, monitoring and maintenance (e.g. updating content, managing customer relations). Following registration, every participant will be given online access to the seminar materials. Participants will use tablets during the seminar, which aims to be as paperless as possible.

Learning methodology
The seminar will address a variety of topics related to the successful use of social media tools in public administration, including:
• appropriate content formats for informal and effective communication;
• strengths and weaknesses of the specific tools;
• practical application and good practice examples;
• lessons from the private sector.

Participants will gain concrete skills and knowledge on:
• social media communication strategies and guidelines;
• developing online content;
• dos and don’ts of social media;
• effective use of different communication tools such as Twitter, blogs, podcasts and YouTube;
• cost-efficient interaction.