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Growth and Sustainability Policies for Europe


18 Sep 2013 22:00



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L - Conference, forum

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Sustainable Dev.

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This high-level, policy-oriented event, is being organised by the Centre for Economic Policy Research in collaboration with leading academics who have been involved in the European Commission-funded collaborative research programme “Growth and Sustainability Policies for Europe” (GRASP).

The meeting will present and summarise critical areas of economic policy making around the main themes that have been studied during the course of the 4-year project. Presenters will include the scientific team leaders of the GRASP project. The meeting will be based on eight broad themes:

1. The Framework and the Macro View

2. The Education Policy Pillar

3. The Infrastructure Pillar

4. The Innovation and Patent Pillar

5. The Social Policy Pillar

6. The Environmental Pillar

7. The Legal Pillar

8. The Fiscal Pillar GRASP aims to address policy concerns associated with growth using an integrated analytical framework.

This framework is built on the Schumpeterian growth approach developed by Philippe Aghion. It emphasizes quality-improving innovation in imperfectly competitive markets and suggests that optimal growth policy may depend on levels of technological (and financial) development and on seemingly unrelated yet relevant policies. The policies correspond to a multi-layered vision of the policy drivers of growth. These layers are explored within GRASP.This meeting is designed primarily for policy makers, academics, practitioners and those who are interested in the effects and policy implications of globalisation on trade flows, firm organisation, and product and labour market outcomes.