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29 Sep 2016 to 30 Sep 2016



Event Type

S - Workshop, course


Innovation & Enterprise

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Event Description

Target group
The seminar is intended for public officials and others who are interested in the topic of smart cities. 

Society is rapidly changing, and that applies to all aspects of society. Cities, too, are rapidly changing and the use of modern technologies is playing a big role in this. We often hear talk of ‘smart cities’ – but what exactly are they? Are their inhabitants well educated? Do they make use of technology in an innovative way? Or do they make use in an intelligent way of data concerning their city? There are many ideas and opinions about smart cities, and a lot of pressure from different directions (politics/private sector) to become smart cities. 

At the seminar, speakers from the practice will talk about their experiences in the field. They and the participants will discuss the pros and cons of smart cities. The seminar will be held in Eindhoven, one of the most famous ‘smart regions’ in the Netherlands. Come and be inspired in a smart surrounding.

Learning methodology
A mixture of presentations, talks, interactive discussions, workshops and plenary sessions.

By the end of the seminar, the participants should have a clear understanding of:
• the recent developments in the field of smart cities;
• the fact that society has to realise that using modern techniques is the future;
• what implementing smart cities means for the governmental organisations in a city.

The participants will return to their administrations with their own views on smart cities, based on the knowledge they acquired at the two-day seminar.


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