iMobility Challenge: Intelligent vehicles. Efficient mobility


18 Mar 2014 13:00 to 20:00


Parc du Cinquantenaire 11

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M - Seminar, presentation

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Federations / Associations



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Dear Colleague,

CLEPA CEO, Mr Jean-Marc Gales, is pleased to invite you to the event

iMobility Challenge: Intelligent vehicles. Efficient mobility”

Autoworld, Parc du Cinquantenaire, 11- Brussels

18 March 2014,  from 14h00 to 21h00

iMobility is about combining innovative technologies that make driving cleaner, safer and more efficient. Cooperative systems, if used systematically, can substantially reduce the number and severity of road accidents. They can make traffic management more efficient and increase fuel efficiency of vehicles by reducing congestion.

This event is an excellent opportunity to experience cutting edge technology and future innovations while getting at the same time first-hand knowledge from the experts.

High level representatives from the automotive industry, IT and Energy providers,  Member States and other relevant stakeholders will attend the event.  The Press is also invited.

The official invitation and final programme is attached. Please register your attendance at:

Looking forward to welcoming you at the event,

Yours sincerely,

Beatrice Tomassini
Manager European Affairs & Communications

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The European Association of Automotive Suppliers
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Save the date ! 18 March 2014 – CLEPA iMobility Event & Reception – Autoworld Brussels


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