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LT-Innovate Summit 2015


25 Jun 2015 to 26 Jun 2015


The International Auditorium
Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5 / 2
B-1210  Brussels


Innovation & Enterprise

Event Description

The 4th edition of the LT-Innovate Summit will take place in Brussels on 25 & 26 June 2015.
The LT-Innovate Summit is the yearly point of convergence for the European Language Technology Industry to network, discuss needs & strategies and explore innovation & business opportunities.
The fourth edition of the LT-Innovate Summit, the yearly point of convergence of the Language Technology industry, will take place in Brussels on 25-26 June 2015. It will benefit of the presence of leading policy makers: 
Paul Rübig, Member of the European Parliament
Alexander De Croo, Vice Prime Minister of Belgium, Minister for the Digital Agenda
Robert Madelin, Director General, European Commission, DG CONNECT
Launch of the LTI Cloud
Jochen Hummel, LT-Innovate Chairman:
"We are launching the LTI Cloud on 26 June as a major new initiative that has the potential to benefit all our members. The aim of the LTI Cloud is to create a SaaS wrapper around language technology components developed by LT-Innovate members. It will make it easy for entrepreneurs, start-ups, software developers, IT departments, system integrators, and many others to source & plug ‘n’ play language technology components, allowing them to focus on their core business and competencies. Join us to find out more and make the LTI Cloud a success!"
LT CEO Summit and Industry Challenges
As every year, we have lined up a roster of "challengers": 
  • Christian Dirschl, Chief Content Architect, Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH
  • Florence Beaujard, Head of Linguistics and Physiology for Cockpit Design, Airbus
  • Armin Hopp, Founder, Speexx
  • Christophe Leclercq, Founder, EurActiv
These high level industry executives will provide an overview of their company's current and future needs from a language technology point of view. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in these forward looking "challenges".
LT-Innovate Award 2015
Discover "The Best in LT", network with entrepreneurs, experts and investors... and celebrate the Winners of our prestigious industry Award.
Workshop on the future of conversational interaction technologies
We are collaborating with leading academics to prepare a Research and Innovation Roadmap for multilingual and multimodal conversational technologies. The current version of the roadmap is available at
The main goal of the workshop is to collect feedback and recommendations on (1) refining the research & innovation scenarios; (2) mechanisms to bridge the gap between research (including cognitive sciences) & innovation; (3) further development of the stakeholder community; and (4) how to develop a startup culture to bridge the gap between the excellent research base and commercial reality.
Workshop on language resources: foundations of the multilingual digital single market
This workshop aims at identifying concrete scenarios for the improvement of the usability of Language Resources (LR). It is split into 3 interrelated panels: LR demand, LR supply and Matching LR offer to demand. Panelists from industry, research and the public sector will, in particular, discuss the following questions: 
  • How can LR identification become a more streamlined, accessible and easily achieved activity? 
  • Where and how can LRs be found and identified to solve a specific MT problem? 
  • Who would be able to do the work as a service? 
  • How can terminology of a given field and text data relevant to the same field be found online in a dependable way? 
  • What are the major barriers for finding and using LRs from existing repositories? 
  • What would be best ways to overcome these barriers? 
Check out the full programme and register here!
EurActiv is a Media Partner of the LT-Innovate Summit.



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