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Partners in Dialogue on “Food security and the future of livestock production”


28 Nov 2012 23:00


Mission of Switzerland to the EU

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L - Conference, forum

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Federations / Associations


Agriculture & Food

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Evening of discussion on

“Food security and the future of livestock production”

on 29 November 2012 at the Mission of Switzerland to the EU.

Tackling the growing demand for food without compromising environmental, economic, energetic and social concerns is certainly the next major challenge for the agricultural sector.

In a world of limited resources, livestock production is at the heart of this challenge. Demand for livestock products is likely to grow given the increasing population and rise in income. At the same time, energy needs will intensify. In this global competition for farmland, which production should have the priority (vegetable, animal, biofuel)?

Recent escalations in animal feed prices have also raised the question of the sustainability of our livestock production models. How we produce, transport and consume plays a key role to ensure long-term food security without harming the environment. How well do the agricultural policies under discussion both in Switzerland and in the EU respond to this need for efficiency and sustainability along the livestock sector chain? What else must be done to further promote innovation, improve agricultural practices, regulatory frameworks and infrastructures as well as foster new consumption patterns?

Panel discussion with:

Mr Manfred Bötsch, Director of the Division Business Development, Micarna SA Former Director General at the Federal Office for Agriculture

Mr Christof Dietler, Director of „Agrarallianz“ (platform for farmers and consumer organisations, nature conservancy, ecology and animal protection as well as development cooperation); Co-partner of marketing agency pluswert

Mr Georg Häusler, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Dacian Ciolos, Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

Prof. dr. Siem Korver, Director Corporate Public Affairs, VION Food Group




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