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The Pathway to Circularity: from Guidance to Action


20 Nov 2023 12:00
20 Nov 2023 12:00 to 17:30


Comics Museum
Rue des Sables 20
1000  Brussels/online

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For the past three years, the 4evergreen alliance has been at the forefront of driving change in the fibre-based packaging sector and has released a series of guidelines and protocols, part of a toolbox that will help the sector reach an ambitious goal: a 90% recycling rate for fibre-based packaging. The alliance’s third annual conference, themed “The Pathway to Circularity: from Guidance to Action”, will serve as a testament to the alliance’s achievements since its inception in 2020 and set the stage for further advancements.
Participants will embark on a cross-industry journey, exploring how 4evergreen has successfully united a diverse group of stakeholders to work towards a common ambitious target. Attendees will also gain insights from prominent guest speakers as they reflect on the state of play and outlook for the fibre-based packaging industry, the challenges of balancing market growth with sustainability, and the transposition of targets into real action. In addition, 5 inspiring projects aimed to amplify the circularity of fibre-based packaging will be presented by selected member companies as part of the Circularity Success Stories initiative launched by the alliance.
More information on the agenda of the event can be found here.
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