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RE-Source 2022 annual event is back in Amsterdam


06 Oct 2022 to 07 Oct 2022





Event Description

RE-Source 2022 annual event is back in Amsterdam, 6-7 October

Registration is now open

The war in Ukraine has reshaped European energy policy. And the new direction is clear –
no more Russian energy imports by 2027, more and faster renewables deployment.
Renewables are the key to Europe’s energy competitiveness, our security and our climate goals.

With volatile energy prices and climate concerns, hundreds of business leaders want to switch to 100% renewables. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have helped facilitate this transition. For corporates, they are a stable, long-term supply of energy. For Europe as a whole, they are another step on the road to energy security and  climate neutrality.

The RE-Source Platform plays a key role in promoting and facilitating green corporate energy sourcing. And its Annual Event is back, from 6-7 October in Amsterdam. This is Europe’s largest gathering of green corporate buyers and sellers.

What can you look forward to while you’re there?

  • An extensive programme of sessions, workshops and roundtables looking at the PPA scene across Europe, the supply chain, SMEs, energy-intensive industries, risk-mitigation, public procurement by cities, and more.
  • A chance for corporate buyers – of different sizes and sectors – and renewable developers, utilities, and manufacturers to come together and build lasting partnerships.
  • And a chance to meet policymakers to discuss market and regulatory barriers and solutions.

Whether you’re an experienced green electricity buyer or just starting your energy transition journey, this event is a key platform for you to share best practices, lessons learnt and to build meaningful partnerships.

At RE-Source you can join the growing green energy community – and put yourself on the road to sustainable success. Registration has opened now – see our website for more info.


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