Trade, Innovate, Compete – how are the European Commission and elected MEPs driving European manufacturing globally?


05 Nov 2012 23:00


Bibliotheque Solvay

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L - Conference, forum

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Federations / Associations


Trade & Society

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EUnited Competitiveness Review Dinner Debate

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Date: Tuesday 6 November 2012 from 19.00
Event: Dinner Debate
Place: Bibliotheque Solvay, Leopold Park, Brussels
Host: EUnited
Language: English
More details to follow.  Open to members and invited guests


Democracy Reporting International
DRI Representative North Africa
BIBM - Federation of the European Precast Concrete industry
Public Affairs and Communication officer
International Organisation Migration
Project Officer, NO-A
International Organisation Migration
Project Assistant, G5
International Organisation Migration
Project Assistant, G3
European Society of Cardiology
Research Project Lead
International Federation of Podiatrists
EU Affairs Intern
European Microfinance Network (EMN)
Partnerships Manager