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The Brief – Ursula needs a ‘State of the Fusion’

Fri, 2020-07-17 15:00
Ursula von der Leyen is already starting to prepare her first ‘State of the EU’ address, due in the autumn. She is not the first leader to face an economic downturn or be in urgent need of a way to lift the morale of crisis-hit citizens or catch up in the technology race.
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New impetus for sustainability tests Europe’s ‘soft power’

Fri, 2020-07-17 14:59
In the race to become a global leader for sustainability, the EU is expected to give proof of its  'soft power' with third countries to cope with the risks of falling behind on innovation.
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UK’s next-gen warplane could tap battery power

Fri, 2020-07-17 14:16
BAE Systems, the defence company behind the British air force’s new fighter jet, has teased the prospect of electric-battery systems playing a substantial role in powering the RAF’s next-generation Tempest warplane, due to enter service in the 2030s.
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Structural discrimination against elderly increased during COVID-19, says FRA study

Fri, 2020-07-17 14:10
The coronavirus pandemic has hit older people hard, with age-related stereotypes reinforced and freedom of movement restricted, according to a study published by the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) at the end of June. However, the pandemic may have brought generations closer together again in the short term. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Norway’s €2.1bn carbon-capture mega-project gets approval

Fri, 2020-07-17 12:18
The Norwegian government’s decision to fund the scale-up of carbon-capture-storage (CCS) technology with more than €2 billion got the green light from a state aid regulator on Friday (17 July). It is the largest tranche of funding ever approved by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) body.
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Digital Brief: Schrems II

Fri, 2020-07-17 07:39
Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “It is clear that the US will have to seriously change their surveillance laws if US companies want to...
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Czech PM Babiš slams EU Recovery Fund proposal

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:47
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte saying he's ready for the EU summit on the EU Recovery Fund and MFF, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš criticising the EU Recovery Fund's financial distribution criteria, and so much more.
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BELGRADE/PRISTINA – Difficult Serbia-Kosovo talks, but some progress

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:44
The continuation of the Belgrade-Priština dialogue with the EU’s mediation and the first face-to-face meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti in Brussels “weren’t easy talks”, according to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. Vučić noted, however, that there was some progress...
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ZAGREB – PM announces cabinet will consist of sixteen ministries

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:43
Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Thursday (16 July) outlined the structure of his next cabinet, which will consist of sixteen ministries, four fewer than the current government, Croatian news agency Hina reported. The new government will include four deputy...
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ATHENS – Meeting on Turkey on the sidelines of the summit?

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:43
According to SKAI TV, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis will have a meeting with EU Council President Charles Michel, EU Commission chief Von der Leyen, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the ongoing developments regarding Turkey....
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MADRID – Reforming tourism after COVID-19

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:41
Tourism cannot be left out of the transition towards a green and digital economy which “is not a choice or an option, it is an obligation,” European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, told the EURAGORA forum while stressing...
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ROME – Conte “ready to fight” as EU Recovery Fund decision looms

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:41
“We’re ready, we’ve studied all the dossiers and we hope the meeting will be useful”, Conte told the press before leaving to Brussels, where he will attend the European Council summit from 17 to 18 July to reach an agreement...
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LONDON – Russian interference ‘almost certain’

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:40
The UK government on Thursday (16 July) conceded that Russians almost certainly sought to interfere in the 2019 UK general election through illicitly acquired documents. In a statement, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab saying that “the government has concluded that it...
Categories: EurActiv

BERLIN – Agreement on local closures

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:38
Germany’s federal government has reached an agreement with the states on the ability to institute an entry and exit-ban in the event of a coronavirus outbreak. While entire districts will not be sealed off, highly localised restrictions are possible. Specifically,...
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PRAGUE – Czech PM attacks EU Recovery Fund proposal

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:38
Before heading to Brussels to for the EU summit on the EU Recovery Fund and the EU’s long term-budget, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš criticised the Recovery Fund’s financial distribution criteria. “Even though the European Council president has heard our...
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Revolving Doors: The case of Mário Centeno

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:37
The Portuguese Government, led by socialist Prime Minister, António Costa, has appointed the former Eurogroup President and Portuguese Finance Minister, Mário Centeno, as Governor of Portugal’s Central Bank. Never have the revolving doors of finance spun so fast, writes João Cotrim de Figueiredo.
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Agrifood brief: CAP, animal welfare, digitalisation among top priorities of German Presidency

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:34
Welcome to EURACTIV’s AgriFood Brief, your weekly update on all things Agriculture & Food in the EU. You can subscribe here if you haven’t done so yet.   German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner laid out the German EU presidency’s agrifood priorities...
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Europe’s landmark solar satellite beams back first images

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:15
A joint European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA mission aimed at observing the Sun in unprecedented detail has started to beam back the first images of our nearest star this week. Scientists have already noticed features that have never been observed before.
Categories: EurActiv

BMW agrees €2bn battery contract with Swedish firm

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:05
German carmaker BMW signed a battery-supply contract worth €2 billion with Swedish manufacturer Northvolt this week, in the latest example of Europe’s big auto firms preparing to ramp up electric vehicle production.
Categories: EurActiv

Serbia and Kosovo resume rocky road towards an accord

Fri, 2020-07-17 06:00
Former war foes Serbia and Kosovo restarted talks in Brussels on Thursday (16 July) as the EU urged them to compromise to normalise their strained relationship.
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