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Danish government ready to relieve Poland and Romania of Ukrainian refugees

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:38
Denmark is ready to help countries that took in the bulk of the Ukrainian refugees and, if necessary, take some in themselves, the Danish government, which has a strict immigration policy, announced on Thursday. Denmark is ready to help, according...
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One in three Swedes worried country will be attacked

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:36
One in three Swedes is fairly or very worried their country will be targeted by a military attack, according to a new survey by Novus published on Thursday. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is now beefing up its staff. According...
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Former Russian oligarch warns of Russia’s intentions in Finnish TV interview

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:35
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a former oligarch, jailed and later released by Russian President Vladimir Putin and now living in London in exile, delivered a stark warning about Russia’s intentions in an interview with the MTV3 channel on Wednesday. According to him, Putin...
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Growing calls for Finland to withdraw from Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:33
The war in Ukraine is making politicians and citizens think again about Finland’s signing of the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty of 1997 to eliminate anti-personnel landmines by November 2011. The treaty aims to eliminate the production, stockpiling, storage and use...
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Irish government considers measures to offset war-fuelled rise in energy costs

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:30
Ireland’s government met on Thursday to consider potential measures to offset increases in the cost of fuel and energy caused by the war in Ukraine. Ahead of the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said that ministers would look at...
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Austria burns another health minister, Mückstein steps down

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:27
The Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein has announced his resignation less than a year after taking office, citing exhaustion due to managing the pandemic and death threats. For Austria, it is the second resignation of a health minister since the...
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Macron formalises his presidential candidacy, finally

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:26
President Emmanuel Macron has officially announced his candidacy in the French elections due on 4 April to “invent with you [the French people], in the face of the challenges of the century, a unique French and European response”. This candidacy...
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Pro-Russian nationalists throw snowballs at Bulgarian PM

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:19
Supporters of the far-right pro-Russian Vazrazhdane party silenced the official ceremony celebrating Bulgaria’s national holiday on Shipka Peak by chanting “Russia”, “resignation” and “NATO out” as they waved Russian flags. As Prime Minister Kiril Petkov spoke during the ceremony, members...
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Polish parliament adopts resolution backing Ukraine’s EU candidacy

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:16
Ukraine should be admitted to the European Union as per a resolution passed by the lower chamber of the Polish parliament known as the Sejm on Thursday. MPs called the EU Council to start the procedure of giving Ukraine candidate...
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Street with Russian Embassy in Vilnius to be renamed ‘Ukraine’s Heroes Street’

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:15
The street where the Russian embassy is located in Vilnius will be renamed Ukraine’s Heroes street, the city’s mayor, Remigijus Šimašius, announced on Thursday. A small cul de sac in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius did not have a name, and the...
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Fierce fighting sparks fire outside Ukrainian nuclear plant

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:12
A fire broke out in a training building at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe during intense fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, Ukraine's state emergency service said on Friday (4 March).
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Germany comes down on Putin-friendly ex-chancellor

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:12
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder could face being stripped of privileges, titles and suspended by his party after refusing to end his business relations with Russian state-owned companies. Condemnation of Schröder’s behaviour and actions against him have increased after he...
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Moldova applies for fast-track EU membership, joining Ukraine and Georgia

Fri, 2022-03-04 05:00
Moldova officially applied for fast-track EU membership on Thursday (3 March), joining Ukraine and Georgia, its partners from the so-called Associated Trio, a week after Russia's invasion of Ukraine began.
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EU Parliament to launch investigative committee on Pegasus spyware

Thu, 2022-03-03 17:44
The launch of a committee to investigate the use of Pegasus spyware within the EU has been agreed to and is expected to be approved for action by the Parliament next week.
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10 measures the EU should adopt to reduce Russian gas dependency

Thu, 2022-03-03 17:11
The International Energy Agency has presented the EU with 10 measures to reduce its dependence on Russian natural gas within a year, without it having to abandon its environmental objectives set out in the Green Deal. EURACTIV France reports.
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EU support for Ukraine

Thu, 2022-03-03 17:01
In Brussels, expressions of support for Ukraine are a daily occurrence. Euractiv spoke to citizens and MEPs focused on solidarity between people as well as nations.
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EU breaks ‘taboo’ to help Ukraine and wants to be independent from Russian gas

Thu, 2022-03-03 16:25
This week, our Beyond the Byline podcast focuses on the latest EU response to Russia’s war in Ukraine and the geopolitical 'taboos' involved in the EU's activation the European peace facility program.
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UNICEF launches €400 million appeal to help Ukrainian civilians, children

Thu, 2022-03-03 16:01
The UN's Children's Fund UNICEF estimates that it will need €400 million over the next three months to help civilians, especially children, in Ukraine, though its teams continue to face logistical problems delivering aid to the field. EURACTIV France reports.
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EU steps up workers’ protection against carcinogenic substances

Thu, 2022-03-03 15:50
On Thursday (3 March) the Council gave the final green light to an update on the EU rules on reducing workers’ exposure to carcinogens, mutagens, or reprotoxic substances, addressing the first cause of work-related deaths in Europe. 
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The Brief – Is instant EU membership possible?

Thu, 2022-03-03 15:47
The idea of instant membership in the EU for Ukraine has become topical in recent days. Is it realistic? Let’s give it some thought.
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