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Trump signs sweeping tariffs, defying trade war warnings

Fri, 2018-03-09 05:36
US President Donald Trump slapped steep trade tariffs on foreign steel and aluminium yesterday (8 March), drawing sharp protests from allies at home and abroad as the contentious move raised the spectre of a global trade war.
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Gabriel to meet with media regulators over gender stereotypes in TV & film

Thu, 2018-03-08 17:18
EU Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel announced that she will meet with national audiovisual regulators from around the bloc to discuss possible ways to combat negative stereotypes about women in television and film.
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Lost trade will nullify Brexit dividend, UK government admits

Thu, 2018-03-08 16:42
A free trade agreement with the EU would still cost the UK 4.8% of its expected economic growth over the next 15 years, according to a confidential government ‘EU exit analysis’ published on Thursday (8 March).
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The Brief – Not so soft power

Thu, 2018-03-08 16:03
Abuse of power is as old as humanity itself: denying the others’ rights helped Homo Sapiens push aside the Neanderthals.
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Europe takes first step toward clarifying booming “green” finance

Thu, 2018-03-08 15:52
European Commission unveiled its highly expected action plan on sustainable finance aiming at clarifying what could be labelled as ‘green’ investment and potentially benefit financial entities by lowering capital requirements.
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Trade expert: Jersey holds the key to unlock Brexit dilemma

Thu, 2018-03-08 15:38
Could the Channel Islands hold the key to unlocking the Brexit puzzle? Trade expert Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform tells EURACTIV that Jersey's 'strange relationship' with the EU could be an acceptable 'half-way house'.
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EU Parliament expects more cooperation from Council on future appointments

Thu, 2018-03-08 13:45
The chair of the European Parliament's economic committee has written a curt letter to the president of the Eurogroup, asking for “greater cooperation” from the Council when it comes to high-level appointments. reports.
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EU Bioeconomy 2.0– Cultivating a home grown success

Thu, 2018-03-08 13:08
Barely six years old, the EU’s Bioeonomy Strategy, currently under revision, is slowly but surely propagating green shoots of sustainable economic recovery in innumerable and unexpected ways, writes Joanna Dupont.
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Bye, bye CECED, welcome APPLiA [Promoted content]

Thu, 2018-03-08 11:30
After 60 years of history and technological revolution, the home appliance sector in Europe will be represented by the fully modernised association, now called APPLiA.
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Off-label proposals for alcohol labelling are not enough

Thu, 2018-03-08 10:49
Nutritional information should be clearly marked on the labels of alcohol products, and the off-label proposals being put forward by industry are not sufficient, writes Professor Markus Peck-Radosavljevic.
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Nathalie Loiseau: Proactive policies needed to promote women’s talents

Thu, 2018-03-08 10:29
In honour of International Women’s Day, France's European affairs minister, Nathalie Loiseau, talks about women and their place in Europe in an interview with
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Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia show new will to solve disputes

Thu, 2018-03-08 09:59
A first meeting between Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian leaders in six years may not have yielded solutions to controversial issues but the three started discussing ways to improve relations and cooperation, especially in energy and infrastructure. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
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Sylvie Goulard: Putting an end to the abuse of power

Thu, 2018-03-08 08:35
In honour of International Women’s Day, Sylvie Goulard talks about women and their place in Europe in an interview with
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Tusk puts Trump’s tariff push on EU summit agenda

Thu, 2018-03-08 06:54
Warning of "a serious trade dispute" between Washington and the rest of the world, Commission President Donald Tusk said yesterday (7 March) the leaders of the bloc would hold emergency talks on the issue on the occasion of their 22-23 March summit.
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EU’s Brexit trade guidelines: key points

Thu, 2018-03-08 05:55
The EU's draft negotiating guidelines unveiled on Wednesday (7 March) set out plans for a free trade deal but stop well short of Prime Minister Theresa May's wish list.
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Report denounces ‘Manels’ at top global conferences

Thu, 2018-03-08 05:32
Female speakers are outnumbered by men by three to one at Europe's top international meetings including the Davos summit and Munich Security Conference, a report revealed on 8 March, the International Women's Day.
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Europe’s future oil production seen viable at $60 a barrel

Thu, 2018-03-08 05:26
Europe is hardly the first place that springs to mind when thinking about the world's major oil producing regions, and there is a perception that the domestic industry has already seen its heyday, particularly in the North Sea.
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EU tells tech firms it wants to tax profit, not revenue

Thu, 2018-03-08 05:20
The European Commission told top digital firms on Wednesday (7 March) that its favourite choice to reform online taxation would be a new method to tax profits rather than revenues, a move the industry welcomed.
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Why the EU’s first post-Brexit budget must prioritise investment in climate action

Thu, 2018-03-08 05:18
Reflecting on the next EU budget post-Brexit, Eliot Whittington explains why now is the time for the EU to show leadership and unity to drive climate action and make a net-zero carbon economy the new normal.
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EU circular economy’s REACH for the stars

Thu, 2018-03-08 05:16
As the EU doubles down on its waste management efforts and sets its sights on tackling plastic waste, the idea of a circular economy and internal market for recycling is gathering momentum. But it will not be an easy task for lawmakers or industry to realise.
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