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Will the centre hold the balance of power in a fragmented European Parliament?

Wed, 2018-10-31 06:08
The increasing contingent of centrist MEPs could put an end to the “grand coalition” approach between the right and the left at the European Parliament. EURACTIV France reports.
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Brussels’ approach to Greater Eurasia in need of revision

Wed, 2018-10-31 05:21
It’s curious that the EU’s initiative “Connecting Europe and Asia” makes no mention of two of its most important players – the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the Chinese “Belt and Road” Initiative, writes Yuri Kofner.
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Tax cuts or hard Brexit – Hammond’s Budget warning to Tories

Tue, 2018-10-30 16:45
Philip Hammond’s pre-Brexit budget was full of small giveaways designed to be popular with voters, plus a stern warning to his hard Brexiteer colleagues in the Conservative party: you can have tax cuts or a hard Brexit, but not both.
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The Brief – The fall of Merkel, the end of the ‘listener’?

Tue, 2018-10-30 16:05
Angela Merkel’s unexpected announcement about the end of her political career, at least in Germany, was followed by ‘end of era’ reflections about the troubling future facing Europe without the continent’s ‘anchor of stability’. But for your Brief’s author, an altogether different picture came to mind.
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German coal plant exposed as Europe’s single worst air polluter

Tue, 2018-10-30 14:02
The Niederaussem coal plant and mine, operated by RWE, was singled out as Europe’s largest hotspot for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) pollution, according to a groundbreaking analysis of new satellite imagery. London’s polluted air, caused mainly by transport emissions, comes second.
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The four candidates to succeed Merkel

Tue, 2018-10-30 12:42
Merz, Kramp-Karrenbauer, Spahn and Laschet – portraits of the four candidates to succeed Angela Merkel as CDU chair. EURACTIV Germany’s media partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
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Filibustering – a regular occurrence in Serbia’s parliament

Tue, 2018-10-30 12:27
The work of Serbia's parliament reflects the general trend of the "capture" of state institutions by the ruling party, while filibustering and avoidance of public debates in parliament have become common practice, notes the latest civil society report on the Balkan country's progress on the rule of law. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
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UK takes lead in digital tax standoff but diverts from EU plans

Tue, 2018-10-30 12:16
The UK is to roll out a digital services tax (DST) for tech giants from April 2020 in a move that breaks an international stalemate on the subject. The rates, however, differ substantially from the EU’s own DST plans.
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Britain’s capacity market for electricity: Lessons for Europe

Tue, 2018-10-30 06:57
The UK’s market-wide capacity mechanism for electricity provides a solution to a supply problem that has yet to emerge, writes Phil Baker. A targeted strategic reserve is likely to be a more cost-reflective alternative, he argues.
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Thousands obtained EU citizenship for €5000 in Bulgarian scam

Tue, 2018-10-30 06:57
Prosecutors said Monday (29 October) they have broken up a scam run by Bulgarian officials which had enabled thousands of foreigners to obtain passports for cash -- and with them visa-free travel across the EU.
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We need transition farming in the EU

Tue, 2018-10-30 06:46
European tastes are changing and so must farms, therefore we need to support a transition away from industrial animal farming, writes Alexandra Clark.
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60% of living species under threat due to human activity, warns WWF

Tue, 2018-10-30 06:38
The ways in which humans feed, fuel and finance modern societies is pushing the planet’s natural systems to the brink, threatening the very foundation on which the world economy is based, according to the WWF’s Living Planet Report 2018, published on Tuesday (30 October).
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Greek plan to digitise agriculture wins EU approval

Tue, 2018-10-30 06:30
In an effort to break from its austerity-driven past and improve the economy’s competitiveness, the Greek government will soon present its national strategy for the digitisation of the agricultural sector.
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EU helps French research institute unlock mysteries of the ocean

Tue, 2018-10-30 06:18
From studying toxic microplankton to currents and ocean temperatures, the Euro Hab and Euro-Argo projects are trying to understand the oceans. The British are contributing to this undertaking but Brexit could complicate things. EURACTIV France reports.
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Italy’s Di Maio warns against party divisions after TAP pipeline U-turn

Tue, 2018-10-30 06:00
Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio called on Monday (29 October) for unity within his 5-Star Movement after the anti-establishment party was forced to renege on an electoral pledge to halt a major, international gas transport project.
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Britain to mint coin in honour of Brexit, EU has no such plans

Tue, 2018-10-30 05:41
Britain will issue a new 50-pence coin to mark its departure from the European Union next year, the government said on Monday (29 October) in an announcement that was quickly mocked on social media.
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Merkel’s move poses risk of paralysis for the EU, analysts say

Tue, 2018-10-30 05:25
As Europe's most powerful leader, Angela Merkel's decision to quit as German chancellor in 2021 spells uncertainty and possibly paralysis for the EU as populists rally, diplomats and analysts warn.
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Hammond offers tax cuts and no deal warning in first Brexit budget

Mon, 2018-10-29 17:55
The first post-Brexit budget will hand Britons tax cuts, but the UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, offered a veiled warning that the UK would be poorer if Theresa May’s government failed to strike a Brexit agreement with the EU.
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$2 trillion investors challenge 55 companies on climate lobbying

Mon, 2018-10-29 15:58
Five weeks before a pivotal UN climate conference (COP24) starts, a group of investors led, by the Church of England Pensions Board and Swedish national pension fund AP7, sent a letter to 55 companies to challenge them on climate lobbying.
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The Brief ¿ No pasarán ?

Mon, 2018-10-29 15:57
Brazil, the largest country of Latin America and the fourth largest democracy, elected a racist, misogynous and homophobic Trump-like politician, sparking fears for the future of the Amazon rainforest, the global climate and the mental state of mankind.
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