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How EU, US and China must work together to save the planet


16 Nov 2021 18:00




Climate & Environment

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Following COP26 and just ahead of WTO-MC12, global diplomacy looms large in the headlines. Yet it is too often a diplomacy of deferral, if not outright contention, while the world’s multiple related crises demand immediate cooperation. In the spotlight we find China, the United States and the European Union, each a necessary piece in the puzzle of building global peace and prosperity, yet each too often in thrall to narrow political calculations and short-term nationalist competition.

Too often, the political, economic and media elite in these countries stress difference, conflict, opposing interests and systemic rivalry as the basis for an unavoidable future confrontation.

How can the EU, US and China turn competition into collaboration in areas including diplomacy, climate, trade and health policy? Let’s make peace, not war.

The event will be simultaneously translated to English, German, French and Spanish.