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How to plead successfully before the CJEU – Advanced course on the annulment action and pleading skills


10 Apr 2018 to 11 Apr 2018


European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL)
2 Circuit de La Foire Internationale,
1347  Luxembourg


Public Affairs

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Event Description

A sophisticated understanding of Court of Justice of the European Union’s procedures, practices and case law is quintessential to successfully litigate before the Court. During the seminar you will learn the insights and practical skills related to the procedures of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Enhance your knowledge on the actions of annulment to know what EU acts can be challenged before the Court of Justice of the European Union.

How will it help you?

  • The seminar will focus on the annulment actions entertained before the Court of Justice of the European Union the only procedure where private individuals are parties before the CJEU and can directly challenge EU acts. The seminar will specifically tackle the standing rules applicable for private individuals to become parties of the proceeding. Due account will be taken what EU acts can be challenged before the CJEU.
  • The seminar will give guidance to the participants on how to present legal arguments during the written and the oral phase of the proceedings. Through the detailed discussion of the Rules of Procedure of the General Court answers will be given to various procedural matters ie. submissions, interim measure, appeals which may be relevant during the action.
  • The seminar will provide first hand expertise as to how to prepare the written materials to be submitted to the court and the how to plead orally during the hearing before the court.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to visit the Court of Justice of the European Union and attend a hearing entertained before the court.

Who will benefit most?
Agents acting before the CJEU: national civil servants working in departments representing the government before the CJEU, EU civil servants representing EU Institutions, bodies and agencies before the CJEU, legal practitioners representing their clients before the CJEU.

The training targets professionals who are already familiar with the CJEU and have prior knowledge about the procedures conducted by the CJEU.

Learn how to successfully litigate before the Court of Justice of the European Union and know more about the annulment actions entertained by the court.


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