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A Practical Guide to EU Law Approximation and Impact Assessment – 4-day course


26 Nov 2018 to 29 Nov 2018


European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL) - EIPA Luxembourg
2 Circuit de La Foire Internationale
1347  Luxembourg


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In 2016, the number of pending infringement cases before the Court of Justice for incomplete or non-implementation of EU legislation was the lowest ever. However, ever since an appreciable increase in new cases being initiated by the Commission has been recorded.

By understanding the exact nature of the implementation obligations, the Commission’s expectations and how to combine these with national implementation priorities, you can better contribute to the timely and correct approximation of EU law into your national legal system and reduce the risks of becoming involved in time consuming infringement probes.

In addition to providing a better understanding of national needs and the Commission’s needs with respect to the implementation of EU legislation, the seminar provides you with:

  • Methodologies and practical tools necessary to ensure compliance with EU Treaty obligations
  • Guidance on how to balance domestic and supra-national political interests and constitutional and legal requirements
  • An introduction to the ‘European Smart Regulation’ and how Impact Assessment supports better regulation, including tools and methodologies to identify and measure the impact of transposed EU legislation at the national level.

Our annual workshop provides you with a practice-oriented overview on how to implement EU policies and law within Member States and measure the impact.

The workshop covers all the associated political, legal, and managerial issues, and uses a lively combination of presentations, case studies, group work and experience–exchange. To ensure that the training is tailor-made to your needs, the programme is divided into two separate two-day modules, each of which can be attended separately, or attended consecutively.

First module

  • The implementation obligations
  • The law approximation process, including national coordination
  • Implementation measures and administrative requirements
  • Notification to the Commission
  • Consequences of non-, incomplete or late implementation.

Second module
Introduces the European Smart Regulation Strategy, and is dedicated to pre-implementation impact assessment and post-evaluation of implemented legislation.

Register for this workshop now and take the first step to get a practitioner’s guide to the EU law approximation process and to acquire practical approaches and tools to facilitate your work.

If you prefer to attend only the First module, see A Practical Guide to EU Law Approximation and Impact Assessment – First Module. If you prefer to attend only the Second module, see A Practical Guide to EU Law Approximation and Impact Assessment – Second Module.


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