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Knowledge Management in Public Sector Organisations: the Dos and Don’ts


26 Apr 2018 to 27 Apr 2018


Catalan School of Public Administration (EAPC)
Carrer de Girona 20
08010  Barcelona


Public Affairs

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This two days Seminar will present the best Knowledge Management (KM) practices in Europe and demonstrate how to ensure a real transfer and retention of knowledge in public sector entities. We will discuss the stages for development of a conceptual KM framework, building up strategies and plans for implementing it at three moments: the knowledge capture of newcomers, the constant flux of knowledge throughout the organisation, and the knowledge retention exercise. You will be able to learn best practices from real examples and design training and intervention programmes for efficient knowledge transfer and retention between generations.
Baby Boomers are now reaching retirement age in record numbers. We need to be doing everything necessary to bring the next generation of government leaders on-board, and to ensure that the expert knowledge of the actual managers is preserved. For public sector organisations, it is especially important to plan an intervention to deal with the current phenomenon of large-scale retirement. The discipline of Knowledge Management has been offering tools and methodologies which help organisations to resolve these types of issues for a while now. Specifically, knowledge transfer programmes are one of the most efficient proposals which ensure the transfer of critical knowledge between generations. There are countless benefits to these programs, one of the most important being the continuity of effective governance in public administrations and the resulting positive perception of the public sector among citizens.
How will it help you?
With this training you will be able to develop and deploy tailored KM and organisational learning (OL) action plans and strategies; Enabling the environment for KM culture adoption organisation-wide (e.g. via development and deployment of on boarding practices). Learn best practices from real examples and design training and intervention programmes for efficient knowledge transfer and retention.
Participants will receive hand-outs you can use afterwards. Each session will have a theoretical component, followed by interactive activities. Throughout the seminar, there is an emphasis on real life examples and supported group work.
Certified knowledge managers and trainers with relevant public sector experience will help you to implement innovative methodologies in KM and KT. You will learn from the European Central Bank, the British civil service and the German Federal service, among others.
Who will benefit most?
This seminar is aimed at public officials from all levels of government, and especially those responsible for human resources and/or training, or those working on KM initiatives. The seminar will equip them with the knowledge and practical tools to design training programmes and interventions to confront this challenge of generational knowledge retention and transfer.
Learn new tips, obtain new tools, and gain a proven methodology for success. Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to lead successful KM initiatives in your public administration!


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