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Work urgently with me on Brexit – Britain’s May appeals to EU

Thu, 2019-02-07 07:41
Prime Minister Theresa May will call on the European Union on Thursday (7 February) to work with her to change a divorce deal and help her win the support of a divided parliament to smooth Britain's departure from the bloc.
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Europe’s palm oil strategy is fading

Thu, 2019-02-07 07:35
A vote by the French National Assembly to exclude palm oil from their list of eligible biofuels will have implications for the EU's new renewable energy law, writes Pierre Bois d’Enghien.
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Pompeo to build US ties with Hungary’s right-wing leaders

Thu, 2019-02-07 07:33
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Hungary next week, the White House said Wednesday (6 February), as the United States seeks to build ties with nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán following rifts.
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Slovakia declines to back Venezuela’s Guaidó as diplomats gather in Montevideo

Thu, 2019-02-07 07:32
Slovakia declined to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as Venezuela's legitimate head of state on Wednesday (6 February), joining Italy in breaking the coordinated action of European Union nations and the United States.
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Kosovo President and PM at odds over Serbia border changes

Thu, 2019-02-07 07:07
Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi and Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj on Wednesday (6 February) resumed their public dispute over possible border changes to end one of Europe's most volatile territorial disputes.
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France says ‘unacceptable’ that Italy’s Di Maio met ‘yellow vests’

Thu, 2019-02-07 06:42
The French foreign ministry on Wednesday (6 February) denounced as "unacceptable" a meeting between Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and France's "yellow vest" anti-government protesters.
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The Brief – Rail delay scarf

Wed, 2019-02-06 15:59
Deutsche Bahn recently hit a record number of passengers, despite defective reservation systems, chronic delays, poor maintenance and not enough staff. But German frustration with a service that is meant to be the pinnacle of reliability is on the up and was recently creatively expressed by one Munich commuter.
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Six takeaways from Siemens-Alstom rejection

Wed, 2019-02-06 15:51
The European Commission decided on Wednesday (6 February) to block the merger of Siemens and Alstom, meant to create a European champion in the railway sector, due to the negative impact it would have on the European market and consumers.
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‘Special place in hell’ for Brexiteers with no plan, says Tusk

Wed, 2019-02-06 15:43
Brexiteers with no plan of how to deliver on their exit plans deserve a "special place in hell", EU Council President Donald Tusk said on Wednesday (6 February), sparking a new war of words with UK politicians bent on leaving the bloc this March.
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‘Citizens do not see Europe as an answer to social challenges’

Wed, 2019-02-06 15:06
In the run-up to the European elections, the social dimension of Europe remains a great unknown to European citizens. EURACTIV France reports.
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North Macedonia takes big step toward NATO accession at London summit

Wed, 2019-02-06 14:23
NATO signed the accession protocol with North Macedonia on Wednesday (6 February). The military alliance also decided to hold a summit in London in December, when North Macedonia could officially join the alliance. After Athens and Skopje recently ratified the historic...
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Tanzanian opposition leader – The EU is ‘finished’ with Magufuli

Wed, 2019-02-06 13:20
Nearly 18 months after falling under a shower of bullets outside his parliamentary residence in Dodoma, opposition leader Tundu Lissu, the most persistent thorn in the side of Tanzanian President John Magufuli plans to re-enter the political fray.
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Carbon-capture ‘feasibility’ splits MEPs in 2050 planning

Wed, 2019-02-06 12:51
EU lawmakers are divided over how much the bloc’s climate planning should rely on carbon removal technologies, after a draft appraisal of the European Commission’s 2050 strategy questioned their “feasibility”.
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Romania’s Kovesi in pole position for European Chief Prosecutor

Wed, 2019-02-06 09:59
Laura Codruţa Kövesi, the former chief prosecutor of Romania’s anti-corruption agency (DNA), is ranked first among three candidates shortlisted for the position of the first-ever chief prosecutor of the European Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).
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European Commission compares e-cigarettes to ‘poison’

Wed, 2019-02-06 08:29
The European Commission is "reluctant" to sit with the tobacco industry at the same table to discuss novel tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, a high-ranking EU official has said.
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Trump boasts ‘economic miracle’ in State of the Union speech

Wed, 2019-02-06 08:23
President Donald Trump vowed in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday (5 February) to build a border wall, which is a source of a deep partisan divide, and said Democratic attempts at “ridiculous partisan investigations” could damage US prosperity.
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EU’s future global industry leadership

Wed, 2019-02-06 08:20
Addressing the Industry Days conference on Tuesday (5 February), European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker highlighted the importance of ensuring that the EU stays at the forefront of developments in economy and society, if it is to lead the way in the global industrial marketplace.
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‘It’s complicated’: EU offers political backing but no funding for CCS

Wed, 2019-02-06 07:58
The European Commission has backed carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a one of the seven key technologies to enable deep decarbonisation of Europe’s economy by mid-century. But it’s still tangled in bureaucracy when it comes to funding.
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Greece, Turkey vow to defuse tensions through dialogue

Wed, 2019-02-06 07:48
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed Tuesday (5 February) they planned to resolve disputes between their two countries through dialogue.
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May and Varadkar visit Brussels in search of Brexit solution

Wed, 2019-02-06 07:36
Prime Minister Theresa May will travel to Brussels on Thursday (7 February) to tell European Union leaders they must accept legally binding changes to the Irish border arrangements of Britain’s divorce deal or face the prospect of a disorderly no-deal Brexit.
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