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5G Shaping The Future of Wireless


10 Feb 2014 08:00


Sofitel Munich Bayerpost
Bayerstraße 12
80335  München

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L - Conference, forum

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Corporates / Consulting



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The 5G@Europe summit will be livestreamed on 10 February, live from Munich, Germany from 9:00 am. You will be able to see  leading experts on 5G explain the future of wireless. Tune in! Follow hashtag #5GSummit for the 5G Conversation.
The development of 5G is a cornerstone for realising breakthroughs in the transformation of ICT network infrastructure. Ultra broadband and intelligent-pipe network features that achieve near instantaneous "zero distance" connectivity between people and connected machines – no matter where they are – are just the first steps.
The programme for the day is found here : The conference will be covered by live tweets, and the first panel including speakers from the European Commission, Huawei, Ericsson, Deutsche Telecom, Telefonica, The University of Surrey, Eurescom, and other leading members of academia and industry on this ground breaking subject.
Huawei is at the forefront of initiatives to drive 5G technologies forward. It plans to invest at least €444 million into 5G research over the next four years.
Its Research Centre in Munich plays a key role in these efforts. As a member of the European research consortium, METIS, it contributes for instance to the 5G radio access technologies of the future.
For further details please feel free to contact :
Tina Tsai, Public Relations Manager Huawei Brussels Office see for further details.
  • 5G wireless networks will support 1,000-fold gains in capacity, connections for at least 100 billion devices, and a 10 Gb/s individual user experience capable of extremely low latency and response times.
  • Deployment of these networks will emerge between 2020 and 2030. 5G radio access will be built upon both new radio access technologies (RAT) and evolved existing wireless technologies (LTE, HSPA, GSM and WiFi). 
  • Breakthroughs in wireless network innovation will also drive economic and societal growth in entirely new ways. 
  • 5G will realize networks capable of providing zero-distance connectivity between people and connected machines.