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EFG Workshop - European water policy: challenges for Hydrogeologists


22 Nov 2013 12:00


Royal Belgian Institute of Natural SciencesRue Vautier 29 B-1000

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S - Workshop, course

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EU Priorities 2020

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This workshop will highlight those areas where hydrogeologists are playing an important role in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the new business opportunities now opening to firms in hydrogeology with the publication of the Blueprint. The Workshop will also provide a unique opportunity to obtain a corresponding official acknowledgement of this role by the European Commission.


The publication of the EU Commission’s Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources policy document introduces a new strategy to reinforce water management within the EU. The “Blueprint” outlines actions that concentrate on better implementation of current water legislation, integration of water policy objectives into other policies, and filling the gaps in particular as regards water quantity and efficiency. The objective is to ensure that a sufficient quantity of good quality water is available for people's needs, the economy and the environment throughout the EU. As with surface waters, groundwater has to be evaluated, monitored and protected, to ensure human needs and also environmental requirements. Hydrogeology has a crucial role in this process, because groundwater is the “hidden” component of the water cycle, and is not easy to analyse. An in-depth and first-hand knowledge of this new European policy is essential for firms and professionals in Hydrogeology. Hydrogeologists must be involved in this process, offering their irreplaceable knowledge and ability in several topics of great importance such as, the identification of groundwater flow to wetlands, the reduction of over-abstraction, the calculation of water accounts in river basins, the effect of climate changes, and others. The hydrogeological community, adopting a modern multidisciplinary approach, has the capacity to investigate and develop innovative solutions to these issues and challenges.

WORKSHOP CONTENT The conference will be divided into 4 sections: Land use and ecological status; Chemical status and pollution; Water efficiency; Vulnerability. The workshop will finish with a Final Declaration prepared by EFG Panel of Experts on Hydrogeology.




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