20 Apr 2016 09:00 to 16:00


Stanhope Hotel
Rue du Commerce 9
1000  Brussels

Event Type

L - Conference, forum


EU Priorities 2020

Event Location


Event Description

The Martens Centre, the KAS and the HSS cordially invite you to the first public platform of European centre-right think-tanks gathering to debate and advocate EU policies:



Experts, politicians and stakeholders from different EU countries will meet for a full day of roundtable discussions, hosted by more than 10 different national think-tanks of our network, on a wide variety of topics: political and economic reforms in the EU; the migration, security and demographic challenges ahead of Europe; ethnic monitories and local governments; the core values and pillars underpinning the European project.

The aim of the event is to create a common ground for discussion, to develop new solutions and to advocate centre-right thinking,  bringing together national and European priorities.

The NET@WORK event will take place on Tuesday, 20 April 2016 from 9h00 until 16h00 and will be composed of three main sessions, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. During each session, a number of roundtable debates will take place simultaneously.


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