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Fostering Corporate Responsibility through Self- and Co-regulation: The Case of Sector-specific Initiatives


23 Apr 2013 09:30 to 15:00


Representation of North Rhine-Westphalia
Rue Montoyer 47

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EU Priorities 2020
Innovation & Enterprise
Trade & Society

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The Europe 2020 Strategy emphasises the role of corporate responsibility (CR) as leverage to increase trust in business and promote inclusive and sustainable growth. In the “Renewed Strategy for CSR” from 2011, the European Commission aims at increasing the impact of its CR policy. In this regard, the Commission outlined the multi-stakeholder approach and self- and co-regulation as factors that can increase CR impact, particularly at the sector level.

As forms of self- and co-regulation, sector-specific initiatives can foster win-win solutions for both companies and society: they can adequately solve sector-specific challenges to the companies’ operating environment while addressing societal concerns.

What are the benefits and the impacts of sector-specific initiatives and what is the role of public authorities? What are success factors for good performance of such initiatives? Are self- and co-regulation through sector-specific initiatives legitimate, effective and efficient alternatives to the public approach?

At the conference, the Bertelsmann Stiftung will present its recent report “Fostering Corporate Responsibility through Self- and Co-regulation: Sector-specific Initiatives as Complements to Public Regulation” based on the book “Corporate Responsibility in Europe: Government Involvement in Sector-specific Initiatives” (see attachment) that will serve as a basis for the discussion.

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