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How to Audit Public Procurement Effectively


27 Apr 2014 22:00


Public Affairs

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Misspent public money in low quality services and goods can endanger both the financial and operational integrity of an organisation. Therefore, rigorous audits of procurement and contract management play a key role nowadays in assuring efficiency in public administration. Internal and external auditors have to be well prepared to identify weaknesses and assess the risks in procurements to ensure that money is well spent in public administration. They have to comply with national and European audit standards to be able to identify potential fraud indicators. The necessity of constantly following current regulations, the changing legal framework and latest auditing techniques is on the dice.

At this European Seminar participants will learn how to audit in complicated fields such as public procurement of IT, telecom services, investment banking, health and social affairs, transport and defence. Receive first-hand insights from internal and external audit experts and benefit from their experiences to ensure value for money is secured in the procurement process in your institution.

With Speakers from:

  • Northern Ireland Audit Office
  • Swedish National Audit Office
  • Ministry of Defence, Denmark
  • Audit Commission, United Kingdom
  • Swedish Competition Authority
  • General Inspection of Social Affairs (IGAS), France

Further information and the application form you will find in the seminar programme on the link above.