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Summer Academy “Fraud and Corruption in the Public Sector”


24 Aug 2014 22:00


Maritim Hotel


Public Affairs

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Event Description

Fraud and corruption in the public sector heavily harm the economy, lower investment levels and reduce public finances. Anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategies are often not effective enough and damages done to public institutions and their budgets by fraud and corruption can be enormous ranging from financial loss to reduction of organisational performance, reputation, credibility and public confidence.
It is therefore imperative that public staff responsible for preventing, detecting and combating fraud and corruption are well trained and have the knowledge and tools they need to protect the integrity of their public institution. Good risk management as well as prevention, detection and control systems should be considered by every public sector authority as a constant challenge. There is a need for more effective control instruments, reporting mechanisms, investigation methods and best practices.

Preventing fraud and corruption is everyone‘s responsibility
Detecting fraud and corruption and making sure that it cannot be repeated is not solely the responsibility of anti-fraud officials and auditors. Without the cooperation of public officials working in high risk areas, it is very difficult to detect malpractice and illegitimate personal gain. Therefore, it is up to all levels of hierarchy in public institutions to create an environment of transparency, ethical conduct and accountability in order to ensure proper handling of this very important issue of prevention, detection and handling of fraud and corruption cases in public institutions.

What will you learn?

The Summer Academy “Fraud and Corruption in the Public Sector” will provide you with an intensive training on issues and tools needed to keep public institutions free from fraud and corruption. Different types of malpractice and the environments that make them possible will be explained by experienced anti-fraud practitioners. Throughout the Summer Academy participants will learn about the entire cycle from effective risk management, preventative measures, detection methods to concrete actions to be taken in a confirmed case of fraud or corruption. This cycle needs to be applied to the areas with the highest risk of fraud and corruption such as:

  • Public Procurement
  • Misuse of classified information
  • External Services and Consulting
  • Information Technology (IT)

Your benefits

  • Make sure to have highly qualified staff members that are aware of and able to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and will be able to protect your institution from malpractice
  • Learn from a wide range of topics tailored according to your professional needs
  • Demonstrate that your institution is proactive and takes fraud and corruption seriously
  • Profit from the interactive nature of the Summer Academy by training your newly acquired knowledge in daily workshops with group assignments
  • Be up-to-date with typical practical pitfalls as well as recent tools and techniques for fraud and corruption detection
  • Receive recommendations to your individual questions on how to avoid fraud and corruption
  • Learn how to best cooperate with law enforcement agencies when handing over fraud cases
  • Network with experts and colleagues and exchange know-how
  • Measure your knowledge in a special knowledge check
  • Receive a unique diploma at the end of the Summer Academy

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