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Decarbonising Europe’s Industrial Sector: Lessons learned in Germany and the Netherlands


01 Jun 2022 15:30 to 18:30


Helix Hub
Invalidenstraße 113
10115  Berlin



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The German and Dutch industrial sectors are facing major challenges to decarbonise operations. These sectors are a major source of employment in both countries with significant carbon emissions contributions. The recent success of the planned Porthos project development under the SDE++ scheme as well as the successes of the German EEG for example, have shown that Dutch and German governments have and can deliver successful policies to decarbonize their economies.  

Although the Netherlands and Germany have different needs, key areas like the Port of Rotterdam and the Rhineland have deep-rooted interconnections with their closest neighbor. Facilitating collaboration will be an important feature to ensure decarbonising these areas while also maintaining the economic and social lifeline they provide. 

Each industry will require different technologies to reduce its carbon emissions. Accelerating the adoption of low carbon, energy and resource efficiency technologies is key to delivering on the Dutch and German climate goals but undoubtedly sustained policy support is needed.

This event will share lessons and best practices learnt in order to help foster and enhance cooperation on industrial decarbonisation. We hope to assess what policy and industry gaps exists, what insights can be garnered from stakeholders and what more can the industrial sector and policymakers do to decarbonise. 

Please participate in an afternoon of discussions and exchange to discuss industrial decarbonisation lessons learned in Germany and the Netherlands.

After the presentations and roundtable discussions, join us for a networking session with food and drinks on the sun terrace of the Helix Hub in the heart of Berlin.



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